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Cannabis Nurses Magazine

Nurse Juhlzie is a Top Nurse and Activist in the MMJ Community and has a Bi-Monthly Publication.

 Cannabis Nurses Magazine publishes the most recent and compelling health care information on cannabis health, studies, research, and professional nursing issues with medical cannabis.  As a refereed, clinical practice bimonthly magazine, it provides professionals involved in providing optimum nursing care with the most up--to-date information on health care trends and everyday issues in a concise, practical, and easy-to-readformat.  Readers can view the magazine digitally online via Kindle or purchase a printed issue at: 

Green Therapeutics/Moxie

In Las Vegas Only the best will do in regards tp producing the finest Moxie Concentrates and Flower at Gt Therapeutics are the best...


Blossum Group LLC

Activists Mike and Vicki Higgins bring their expertise along with Manager Gary Lunn in this  Cannabis Venture to produce some awesome products.

The Apothecary Shoppe

 The  Apothecary  Shoppe  in  Las  Vegas  is  more  than  a cannabis  dispensary.  We  believe  in  a  higher  purpose, one  devoted  to  the  well-being  of  our  community  and  to the  creation  of  a  positive  cannabis  culture  in  Nevada. That   purpose   includes   being   on   the   vanguard   of research  –  giving  our  doctors,  concierges  and  you  the greatest    insight    into    the    incredible    benefits    of medicinal  cannabis.  That  insight  will  guide  the  way  to making  this  natural  medicine  a  proven,  safe  and  legal alternative  treatment  for  patients  everywhere.  All  this, together  with  our  state-of-the-art  grow  house,  unique products  and  homemade  gourmet  edibles  raises  the standard.

Reef Dispensaries

 Quick friendly service and great prices and selection and specials check out our site.

Vegas Dispensaries

Nature Nurse Health


About Nature Nurse Health

Good health is the greatest asset you have.

Our goal is to help you stay healthy, balanced and gorgeous so we’ve created a unique line of products formulated to just this purpose.We’ve tapped into our 20+ years of experience to find the best organic, biodynamic, natural, thoughtfully sourced ingredients in the world to use in our only offers products that DO NOT contain THC.Nature Nurse Products utilize the power of Nature and knowledge of medicine to create products that support our biological Endocannabinoid system. Nature Nurse is a beautifully blended and synergistic combination of ancient plant wisdom which has been expanded upon through science to create high-quality, easy to use products to incorporate into everyday life supporting health and well-being.Have questions about our products? We have consultants available to discuss how Nature Nurse products can best benefit your lifestyle and needs.

Green Way Medical

 Our mission is to cultivate award-winning, natural MMJ and provide it to dispensaries who will distribute it to registered patients in the State of Nevada and all other registered patients in legalized MMJ States.

CannaCopia Las Vegas MMJ Dispensary

 We are fully stocked with some amazing new strains as well as patient favorites. Some of the incredible strains we have available are High Sierra’s Super Lemon Haze in flower and shatter, Matrix’s Gorilla Glue, Alternative Medicine Association Vanilla Kush, Tahoe Hydro Co., Blueberry Cookies and even an assortment of Valhalla Gummies and every flavor of Kiva chocolate bars in dark and milk chocolate!

Las Vegas Cannabis Events

  Ideal members for this group would be people looking to attend or promote local Las Vegas cannabis/art festivals/events. People who are passionate about cannabis. Dispensaries with promotions & events to post are also very welcome. We want to help spread the word of free/affordable (some not so affordable) "underground" & regular activities to become involved in Las Vegas, meet new friends, and build a real community!!! We want everyone to feel welcome to post their events! If you're sick & hurting you just might find the answer to your pain! Who knows, maybe meet your soulmate if you're single?
We are asking you to answer a few questions to make sure you are a real person not a spammer & to help people who want to create events get some ideas. Using the meetup forum works so awesome, because you will have a central place to go find events cannabis related. The meetup organizer DOES NOT GET YOUR EMAIL!! So, no, we won't be creating some email list to sell off to the highest bidder. We wanted a way to help each group be able to see who has something on the calendar already so we don't have 4 events in one weekend & nothing for 3 weeks. We are hoping the dispensaries will also use this FREE service to post grand openings , specials, jobs, & their other promotions. If they don't & you work for one please post.
 Cindy & Juhlzie


 I want everyone to understand that the medical use of marijuana means people simply learn how to use the ENTIRE marijuana plant in order to affect their best health. Turns out, it's more than just buds and smoking... it's about the nutritional intake of cannabinoids and how to use them on a daily basis, in order to function better. Welcome to my channel, friends! :) 


Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary

 Lab-Tested, Legal, & Locally-Sourced. At Las Vegas ReLeaf we work hard to make every patient feel comfortable and cared for as our friendly & knowledgable dispensary agents guide you to the products best suited for your needs.